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I think they were, sure. Some people were more eager to have a sexual relationship, but touch was something that came up a lot more with people. People wanted to be held; they wanted to feel connected to another person physically. You go through your life being hugged, being kissed and having a physical connection.

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If suddenly you don't have it, that's huge. Do you think we ever get to an age where it doesn't sting our pride to be romantically rejected? You could see, afterwards, in those key scenes where they opened up their envelopes to find out who liked them, their fears were palpable. Those scenes to me were really the heart of the movie, because who expects to see a year-old woman start crying over not getting the man she wants at a speed-dating event? Or somebody to express such joy that so many people wanted them? The goal of our lives is to reach out and touch other people in some way.

Maybe a very small proportion of people lose that or don't need it, but when you reach out to people, you want to be accepted. What was the best advice about love you got while filming Lou, the body-builder, said something that was just so simple and profound: Love is still the key.

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If you can tell somebody you love them, tell them. You just put it out there, because you see the importance of doing it today, as younger people might not.

20 vs 1: Speed Dating 20 Girls - Jubilee x Solfa

After following this group of daters, do you think that it becomes harder or easier to find love as you get older? I don't think that there was any less desire to be with a really good partner -- people really opened themselves up to that. They might have been more skeptical of finding it, because they knew a lot about life and what they'd lost was always on their minds. It just becomes harder as you get older, because there's less opportunity.

Everybody who came to this event was empowered to see themselves as someone with the potential to find new love. As Matt says at the end, "I haven't found the love of my life yet, but I haven't stopped looking -- and I feel more aggressive now. There were quite a few dates that came out of the event, so they were ready to put themselves on the line.

That's the message of the film, in a lot of ways: Regardless of age, given the opportunity, people still have the desire to be wanted and to connect in a deep emotional way. So the speed dating was a good experience for everybody?

There wasn't anybody who didn't call up and say, "When are they doing this again and can I come twice? For information on how groups can present the film and plan local senior dating events, go to theAgeofLoveMovie. I agreed, thinking what could be the most I need to do apart from chaperoning her and helping her vet a potential future husband — I felt honoured! She threw a gentle hint in that maybe something good could come out of it for me too.

Not thinking much of it, I agreed. Parents were allowed to come along, and light refreshments would be provided. I relayed the same spiel to my mum when justifying where I was going to be and whom with. How many more strangers will sit in my living room and ferociously judge my humble four walls, how much more humiliation will I need to go through. Considering at that time, I was only a few years away from reaching the big three-oh, my frustration soon turned into determination and I decided to play a double role.

We arrived at the venue, and my friend out of sheer nervousness asked if she looks ok. After the organisers mulled around, took everyones details and more importantly for them, the monies! The structure was not what I had imagined…a room full of 20 men siting in a semi circle around the huge hall, with an empty chair infront of them.

Literary Speed Dating: Reflections, Tips, and All You Need to Know.

The next few hours panned out like so; the guy and girl would have a one-to-one chat for 3 mins. Echoing what Fai and a few other girls already mentioned, there was no way the ratio from men to woman was equal.

There were around 25 women to 15 men, so for those not able to join the conveyor belt from the beginning had more time to be nervous. Some might say 3 minutes is not long enough to get to know one another, but trust me when I say, at times even 1 minute is too long when the conversation is so parched! Now onto the type of men I met….

This is only based on my own experiences. Great banter, but that was all. Was he just saying things that he thinks girls want to hear? The stutter — So the next bloke was probably in my eyes the best looking and best dressed out of the bunch. Within the first few seconds I got the impression that he was nervous, taking his time to think about what he was going to say and really concentrating on his pronunciation, soon to realise that he had a stutter. Despite that, the banter was spot on and he was close to meeting most of my personal preferences well educated, good respectable job, well travelled etc.

Secretly hoping I had made a good impression in return, I moved onto the next empty chair…. No English please — this bhai-saab was evidently not British born, he had been in the Uk for just under a year and was not afraid to admit that he was looking for a wife to fulfil his dream of securing that red passport. The wandering eyes — the next guy was a complete Casanova or so he thought!

Literary Speed Dating: Reflections, Tips, and All You Need to Know. - I.H. Laking

I knew straight away the hijab was an issue. By the end of what felt like a 7 hour continuous interview, I went home in a complete daze and a thumping head. The organisers got in touch after a few days to give me a run down on how many hearts I won…. Any guesses on who it was? Do I regret it? Most certainly not, I love the fact that I can think back at it and laugh at the experience and learn so much from it.

Why did nobody warn me about this beforehand? Fellow speed daters to be, perhaps take note! But because of number deficit, some blokes at the end just sat playing on their phones for a while? Eh and hold on here, who was your one heart?? I want to go with the bloke that made you speak Urdjabi!

Ah where to begin! I have been to many, far and wide, in the quest of a decent guy who can make me laugh. Not too much to ask is it?

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Lets start with positives…the guys in England turn up …. Prepare to be flexible: Some publishers will let you go then ask questions; some will interrupt. And be prepared to ask them questions: Listen to what the publishers say. The rejection may not be because of your manuscript.

There may not be room in their list, or there may be a similar project. Take this and use it to refine your work. Last year one publisher asked me for the first three chapters of a YA manuscript.

They declined, but gave me some excellent detailed feedback. I rewrote the manuscript, and then was awarded a mentorship for the story. Your email address will not be published.


'The Age of Love' Explores What It's Like To Try Speed Dating At 70

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. My Literary Speed Dating Experience: The publishing journey continues. Dry-mouth is a bitch. Know what makes you trip up. For example, I had about a paragraph of essential information that I wanted to get across but I was interrupted with a question from the publisher. Then when I continued with my speech I repeated exactly what I had just said.

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