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A third party, such as a matchmaker, is usually all that's needed. In order to find a matchmaker for your situation, you will first need to do an Internet search. It is important to discern between dating matchmakers and marriage matchmakers.

For these purposes, focus on searching matrimonial sites. Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few matrimonial sites available. The site that you choose to join should be mainly based on your geographic location.

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However, if you are willing to relocate that is not necessary. Before you join any matrimonial site, try to determine its reputation. One of the ways to research this is to do a basic Internet search on the website of your choice and include the word "scam. When you've found a site that you think would provide you with a good arranged marriage, pay the membership fees and create a truthful profile.

Who Is Casey Lawhorn? Finally, when Indians reach a marriageable age—usually between 18 and 30 years old for women and between 22 and 40 for men—the ways these aspiring brides and grooms interact are beginning to resemble contemporary dating in the U. But, in my opinion, things are changing here for a reason.

Online dating and matrimonial sites , such as eHarmony, OkCupid and The Right Stuff are proliferating and becoming more accepted. In addition, the explicit criteria — online profiles, personality tests, questionnaires—that they use to match individuals resemble the implicit criteria parents and friends use to identify prospective spouses for arranged marriages.

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EHarmony, for example, pre-screens candidates based on personality tests. OkCupid uses questionnaires to match people. They found that more than one-third of all American couples who got married between and met online.

Online Dating Is the Modern Version of Arranged Marriages | Opinion

In my view, all parents seeking to arrange a marriage for their sons and daughters do so with the best of intentions. It is better to avoid," he says.

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So Ajmal limits himself to chatting with women online and uses the app to divine if they're spendthrift, flirty and look like their profile photo. Dozens of dating apps have emerged in India over the past couple of years, but Ajmal's qualms are commonplace in a nation where most weddings are still arranged and sex before marriage remains largely taboo.

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Getting young Indians to do the equivalent of swiping right in Tinder parlance requires making dating seem fun, safe and parent-approved. Dating startups say the effort is justified because half of India's 1. Dating apps are helping break conventional barriers, providing people with more choices, control and freedom. Potential brides and grooms are categorized by region, language, religion, caste, language, horoscope, status and annual salary.

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But a marriage arranged online mirrors a tradition Indians have followed offline for thousands of years. Dating is another matter entirely and makes conservatives deeply uncomfortable. It's a country where community leaders and village councils have banned girls from carrying cellphones, Valentine's Day has been decried in some quarters as an unwelcome Western import and, in one instance, goons beat up girls in a pub in southern India for purportedly destroying Indian values. As a result, dating startups are treading carefully. When Delhi-based TrulyMadly started two years ago, its founders were disinclined to call it a dating site and went for the inoffensive tagline, 'India's best matchmakers.

Months later, the startup cautiously began promoting itself as a dating app based on matched interests and began a series of 'safe' promotions including book barters, where men and women could meet and get the conversation started. More recently, TrulyMadly aired a commercial called BoyBrowsing, in which women reverse typical gender roles by giving guys the once-over.

Many girls responded enthusiastically to the ad. Twisting the formula Tinder has tweaked its approach to reflect local conditions. Rather than just location-based matches as it does in the US, the company has added education and job titles to profiles. To suit Indians who prefer protracted conversations before meeting, the company added a library of animated GIFs.

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