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Attention Women, TRP is a male space so the content may seem shocking. RedPillWomen is a female space where you're best off not posting. If you post and cause trouble there, it will follow you back here. Best dating apps apart from Tinder and Happn? I use Happn but not Tinder myself. However, there aren't as many users on Happn as Tinder so limits the field a little.

I don't want to use Tinder and every woman and her dog is on it and I don't want to be seen as using apps incase potential plates find out. I have zero day game, I spend 1 hour a day addressing my messages, and I have unlimited access to new pussy. Considering I have no morals, deceit is no problem. I regularly message these girls calling them "classy" saying how our generation is going down the drains and how I'm romantic and going to sweep them off their feet. They say "im a fresh breath of air", "I'm so attracted by the fact you can control yourself.

I was just telling this to someone on here. I like Bumble, it's my favorite so far. You swipe right or left like Tinder, but the difference is that after there is a match, only the female can start the conversation. She has 24 hours to do it. If she starts the conversation it's a good sign she wants to get with you, and I've noticed far fewer flakes.

It's been around for a bit but I don't think has been heavily advertised. I really like the women on there.

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Another good app is Blendr which is my 2nd favorite and I think is actually better than Tinder. Its' made by the same folks who made Grindr, the Gay hookup app. With Blendr, basically it matches folks to you who are near the immediate area for meeting and hooking up. You get ONE match per day that you select a bagel.

If you both like each other, a conversation starts and you have a week to set up a date before the conversation disappears. The women appear to be of high quality I think.

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  7. I've heard good things about Hinge but be warned it matches you up to someone who is a friend of a friend, so if it doesn't work out, there is potentially some social blowback. I got a great match, but realized early on I'd only be pumping and dumping her so I deleted her since she was close friends with 3 very close buddies of mine. That's all I got, There's a shitload of Tinder knockoffs out there but most don't have a lot of people on them.

    I heard that on bumble, most chicks undermine the system and turn it into the guy-gaming-girl dynamic by sending the first message as just "hi". Then you have to carry the conversation per usual.

    Girls have no game. They do that everytime. It's decent, I've had some pretty good dates off of there but I don't think it's the hook up kind of thing.

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    Girls on there are looking for romance and all that shit. Lots of HB6 - HB8s on there.


    I've been on bumble for a month, met 2 girls so far but overall i think it's a pretty cool app. Never had much luck on okcupid, i believe most of the women on it want guys that are above 6 ft and make more than k these are actual statistical fields on your profile. POF is flat out horrible in m opinion, absolutely no luck on it for me and many of the women seem to have psychological issues in my experience. Coffee meets bagel is by far the best app for actually dating, it seems to draw women with their heads in the right place.

    I found my ex girlfriend on Tinder but that was sheer luck. The opening message also makes it much more likely that I get a match. I just found Badoo and it seems to be ok.

    Welcome to Reddit,

    I will say I get a lot more out of state matches however. Thats what i found out too.

    People on Hinge and CMB can be out of proximity by standard. Bumble is ok but needs growing still. Tinder is much worse than it was a few years ago. It kind of depends on what you're going for, some people will have a lot of success on apps like Tinder, whereas many won't. Personally I've used Tinder for almost 2 years and the handful of replies I've gotten were bots, scammers or weirdos Honestly its kind of crazy out there, but there is love to be found if you're willing to put in the time, effort and possibly money.

    Just be cautious using dating apps because there are plenty of scams and outright dangerous people that use these apps to target people. Take everything with a grain of salt.

    Best dating apps apart from Tinder and Happn? : asktrp

    I can't pick one, but I am following for years onenightstand1. Every night, you have seconds on live-video with three people. If you both like each other, you can continue chatting. I recommend trying http: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. A subreddit to discuss and vent about the dating process and learn from the experiences of others! No sexism, racism, homophobia, ad hominem posts, or rudeness will be tolerated.

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