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The rood screen which had existed since the 13th century was demolished by the canons in It separated the choir from the nave. The choir is surrounded by a wall, which is intended to better isolate the choir from the ambulatory.

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Entirely sculpted 40 groups, statues in total , it is partly the work of Jehan de Beauce who started the construction at the beginning of the 16th century. The sculpted panels, of Renaissance style, recall events in the life of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Chartres Cathedral retains the largest collection of medieval stained glass windows preserved in the world, which is remarkably well-maintained until today.

There are stained glass windows including small rose windows , which corresponds to a surface area of 2 m2, yet inferior to that of Metz Cathedral 6 m2. Three stained glass windows from the 12th century have been preserved, notably with inimitable cobalt blue colours, the secret formula of which has not been discovered.


It is one of the depictions of the Virgin that the cathedral contains. It could have almost been destroyed in the terrible fire. On this stained glass window, the Virgin, without dominating those who look at her from the cathedral floor, overhangs them at a height of 2. In the middle, Mary rules on her heavenly throne. Beneath her throne, three panels recall the episodes of the Temptations of Jesus, and six other panels recall the Wedding at Cana. Finally, around the Virgin in Majesty, eight other panels show the angels glorifying the Child King and his Mother.

At the highest point, the last of the 20 panels, the Holy Spirit, which is represented by a dove with a halo surrounding the head, shines over her. In the north transept, the rose window represents a Virgin with Child surrounded by angels, Kings of Judah and prophets. Under the rose window, Saint Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary, carries Mary in the central lancet window. In the other lancet windows, they are surrounded by characters of the Old Testament.

In the spandrels, you can see the arms of Blanche of Castile Castilian castle and of Saint Louis fleur de lys. These stained glass windows were created around This rose window is an illustration of the first vision of the Revelation of John 4: The first circle represents, starting from the bottom left in a clockwise direction:.

The two following circles represent the twenty-four Elders of the Book of Revelation. Between these two circles are quatrefoils with the coat of arms of the Dreux family, who donated the stained glass windows dating from A cleaning and stained glass window treatment program against the effects of pollution has been undertaken since It is still continuing and should help restore the brightness accordingly in the nave. The cathedral was built in superimposition on several previous buildings, each serving as foundations for the following building. The areas that were not part of the foundations formed two concentric crypts which can be visited today.

There you can admire frescos from the 12th and 19th century, as well as contemporary creations. The inside crypt unveils remains of walls, usually attributed to the Gallo-Roman period, which refers to the time when the first church was present.

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The crypt of the Carolingian church, built by Gislebertus in the 9th century, is located beneath the choir of the cathedral, just under the high altar. It goes from one bell tower to the other around the building. Dating from the 11th century, it is the largest crypt of France, being metres long and 6 metres wide.

Starting from the end of the north gallery, you will reach the chapel of Notre-Dame Sous-Terre Our Lady Underground , which is maybe one of the oldest shrines dedicated to Mary in the Christendom. The gallery becomes semicircular underneath the chevet and opens onto three deep Romanesque chapels, surrounded by four smaller 13th century Gothic chapels. There you find the well of Saints-Forts 33 m deep.

In the south gallery, you can admire a 12th century fresco along with several popular saints Clement, Giles, Martin, Nicholas…. At the end of the south gallery is located a stone baptistery dating from the Romanesque period. Since , the city of Chartres is twinned with the German city of Speyer which is located on the banks of the Rhine in Rhineland-Palatinate. Speyer is famous for its cathedral the Kaiserdom , the largest Romanesque Church in Europe.

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The similarities between the two cities must have probably played a part in the development of the French-German pairing, yet their cathedrals have nothing in common. In addition, Chartres and Speyer have a population of approximately 50, people. Founded by Conrad II in and transformed at the end of the 11th century, Speyer Cathedral is the largest Romanesque building in Europe with its four towers and two domes. For almost years, the cathedral has been the burial place of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire.

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The crypt of Chartres Cathedral is well known for being the largest of all Gothic cathedrals in Europe. The crypt of Speyer Cathedral is the largest Romanesque crypt with colonnades in Europe.

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  5. Both cathedrals have a metal roof structure and a copper roof, giving them a typical blue-green colour. The length of Chartres Cathedral m is very similar to that of Speyer Cathedral m. The height of the nave However, the height of the German building is particularly important for a Romanesque style cathedral. The Gothic towers of Chartres Cathedral are m and m high and those of Speyer Cathedral are 71m and 65 m high. For further information, visit the website of Chartres tourist office: He grew up in France and Germany and has also lived in Australia and England. In he moved back to Europe from Sydney with his wife and daughter to be closer to their families and to France.

    How can a scholar or architectural history gain permission to see parts of the cathedral that have not been open to the public when he has visited before. I think you might be able to organise a private tour of the cathedral of Chartres. Let me know if you ever manage to find out and see these amazing secret places! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. How old bf dating trials fuel for a 40 coates b.

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