Dating an ampeg reverberocket

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The amp in question is an ampeg ss70c guitar combo amp. Serial numbers and approximate date of manufacture Dating Rickenbackers from to Serial letters. The Code on the tube chart of your Fender Amp is made up of two letters. The First letter equates to the. Have a stingray and just started thinking about upgrading my amp setup. There are a number of contenders: Ampeg is a manufacturer of musical instruments, especially the musical instrument amplifier, established by Everett Hull and Stanley Michaels in , and now.

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History of the Ampeg Reverberocket: The Ultimate Garage Rock Amp

Hello everyone, I read somewhere that the Ampeg Reverberocket is the ultimate garage rock amp. I read this on some online forum perhaps here , but in any case, I'm compiling a bunch of information on this amp, for my sake, and for others who also want to know more about this awesome amp. If you have more information, or correct information, please post.

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  • So as far as I know: The Reverberocket was introduced in , and was the first amp to have built in reverb. The reverb was 1 knob, and the tremolo was 2 knobs.

    It had 3 inputs - guitar, harp, and accordion, and other than the reverb and tremolo controls, a volume and tone. Obviously all the wiring was PTP. Now I know there was all that in between stuff where the control panel on the front and all that jazz, but what I'm interested in now is the reissues. Ampeg reissued the R12R in the 90's and into the 's. I don't know anything about the controls or how it compares to the older versions.

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    I also know that Loud Technologies Mackie bought Ampeg in I read in an archive http: Now, we have the GVT series and the Heritage R12R, which was a run of hand wired amps that were labeled as R12Rs, but are more modern and have more "bells and whistles. The video says that the Heritage R12R is 30w, but has a switch that cuts it down to 15w. All the reissues pre I've seen claim to be 50w.

    dating ampeg amplifiers

    Obviously, there are some pretty serious differences between all the various versions of this amp. Here's what I don't know: When the reissues started, ended, and the specs tubes, controls, whether they have the ability to switch wattage, etc. If you know these things, or anything about R12Rs post '86, by all means, post a reply.

    Dating Ampeg Amps By Serial Number – San Francisco Dating Apps

    Apr 2, 2. Not the same company as post Now we've got Loud Technologies. Prairie Dawg , Apr 2, Apr 3, 3. I'll look into the book. I thought I read that Loud bought ampeg in '86, but I guess not. Do you know when Loud bought Ampeg? Apr 3, 4.

    Once again, it's N (old) AD around here (Ampeg content)

    I have one of the first RRs a there's no harp input. There is a mic input. Electric harp even in the 60s was never very popular. My grandma was a hell of a good harp player and she prefered the acustic harp even though they were very large. Now my granpa played accordian and used an amplifier. I rember it was a big amp covered in tweed. Whatever it was I wish I had it now. BobbyZ , Apr 3,

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    dating an ampeg reverberocket Dating an ampeg reverberocket
    dating an ampeg reverberocket Dating an ampeg reverberocket
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