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A trip to the grocery store gets our wheels turning. We never pick up just what we need. The best moment is finding that great new snack in a free-standing display in Deli: As brand matchmakers, we love making it personal and making it fun. Skip to main content. Like they couldn't last hit, just stood and aa'd.

They ended up feeding and didn't contribute at all, I don't blame them for getting matched with us I just don't get it. The only reason I could really see that happening is if they bought an account it's just weird how it didn't happen until I got into my promos. I think high bronze to mid silver really sucks because we get all the fresh players coming straight into ranked. Had one Caitlyn literally ask what CS was after we guffawed at her 40 cs at 15 minutes.

Therefore, yes there's the bias that since these games are important you feel more involved.


But there's also the fact that winning 3 games out of 5, or 2 out of 3, bring promotion statistically harder to go through than to reach. So yeah, promotions are kind of annoying, and purely from a statistical standpoint, are there to slow your climb and to be failed at least one time. This season was the first time i got put in bronze 1 after placement games. As soon as i get into my promotion, the enemies suddenly crush us in less than 20 minutes.

And when you are a main support Its even harder to accept because your impact just isnt has high as mid or jungle ;. In theory, Its all random. You shouldve the same chance of winning etc etc. But practically, you need to get into promotion like 4 times before you get a decent team: The problem isn't that your teams are bad, it's that you care too much about your teams and too little about yourself. Granted, it's easier to get out of Bronze by playing Pantheon or Rammus in the jungle, but it's still doable with support.

Just pick Soraka and abuse the fact that the team that wins in Bronze is the team that makes fewer mistakes. Your heals and silences give your allies a huge margin of error and invalidates almost every mistake they make.

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Granted I've only just really begun playing ranked solo mostly play with a 4-man , but I've been playing Blitzcrank and borderline hard carrying games by abusing poor enemy positioning. Plus with Redemption, Locket shield, and FotM you can still heal and shield your team pretty well in teamfights. If that's the case, it shouldn't be taking you 4 tries to win promos.

Particularly with Blitzcrank, the king of comebacks, your good picks should more than make up for a losing lane. If it's true that you're borderline hard carrying almost every game, there's got to be something else at play.

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If I had to take a shot in the dark, I'd say you're not playing the macro game, not keeping wards where they should be and not paying attention to the map when you do put them down. A single role only has so much impact, but you can extend past that by guiding your team to make the right decisions as a team. In low elo, the one with the good KDA is the leader of the pack, and if you're carrying they'll listen to you. Use that power and make calls, tell people to group mid, group bot, go to dragon, dance around baron.

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There is so much depth to the game, and it's very rare for people to really tap into it. Chances are, you're the only one you can rely on to understand the way that the game actually works. Exploit that fact and play on a level that no one else will. Probably should point out that I'm not the original person you were talking with. I was just providing another option for him to use if he wanted another fairly easy low elo support to play. Tbh, i mained Soraka and had a tough time. With a complete braindead team shes pretty useless Climbed when i started playing zyra and Morgana more Id argue for Janna, the queen of nope or blitz the bronzodia hard carry, but its possible direct heal is better in low div.

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Blitz is very hit-or-miss, both in game and in champ select. He's great as a counterpick for poke and sustain supports like Soraka, Sona, Janna, and Karma but he's awful against his counterpicks, which include the other half of the support roster. Janna, on the other hand, is a fantastic support to play. She works against almost any botlane, has very low variance, and isn't too hard to pick up but has a lot of room for improvement.

Thought title said "placements" rip. I dont mind promos but when doing placements I dont really try hard, I just spam the ten games as fast as I can and assume most will be loss. Yeah it actually is. It makes the mmr difference between your team and their team larger.

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Basically you are still relative to your enemy but your team isn't going to be as good as them. I wonder the same thing, in my diamond promos my first 2 games someone both times just running it down mid, but then won my last 3 so all good lol.

The challenge

Yeah I've noticed that too, no trouble winning games till I get to promos. And then I just get inexplicably bad teammates who make the game way harder to carry. I think the problem right now is that if someone is in their promo's atleast one of your teammates will be autofilled, due to the restriction where guys in promos can only play one of the two roles.

In my promo's this was proeminently the cause of lots of toxicity, where the autofilled guy would usually flame or be flamed. If you have friends that are lower ELO than you, duoing with them will leverage the ELO of you promos and make them kind of easier. It does this because it pulls your MMR down, which makes promos easier but reduces the LP you get for wins and increases the LP you lose for defeats.

Aussie startup offers 'a matchmaking platform for brands'

But winning a promo puts you at 0 LP of the next division anyways, right? Seems like a valid strategy to me. Lots of people here spreading misinformation. Riot has never come out and said anything about changing the way you're matched with other players during promos so to say otherwise is pure speculation. I just think matchmaking is broken in general. Maybe he changed roles, maybe he got boosted last season. I've been playing since Season 3, I've never once felt promos disadvantaged me. The only thing I notice is my own anxiety at first, but after that I realized I needed to calm down, treat it as any other game and play the exact same style that I used to win all my previous games.

Yes, I am sure. Riot says they don't do this, but they do. I don't care what anyone says, I get 4 feeders in my promos and am the only one doing well. It is extremely imbalanced and unfair, and they do put you at a disadvantage cause they expect you to be challenger to go up one rank.. In my last two promo games I had someone who was in placements. They obviously despite my very bad skill didn't belong at this mmr at all.

I reckon this was just a coincidence with the But I do believe that riot tries to make you carry people on a losing streak at your mmr if you go on a big winning streak. And if you're on a losing streak try to group you with people who are actually winning. This obviously becomes even more ridiculous if and it's more likely you go into promos from a streak. This is kind of why I've never like promos at all.

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They basically require you to be more or less gold 4 level before you can consistently go from silver 1 to gold 5. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Getting Started

Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new Discussion. It was initially intended for publicists and PR people, but Ruhfus quickly noticed that early adopters were mostly small businesses and startups that lacked the resources to run big campaigns on their own. So she relaunched Collabosaurus with them in mind and quadrupled the user base within a week.

It matches businesses using an algorithm that takes into account factors such as the age, gender, location and interests of the target market. There's a mechanism to ensure that there isn't too much overlap between potential collaborators' existing customer bases. The types of collaboration that participants engage in include cross-promotions via social media, email lists and events, for example , products co-branded or co-produced , events such as an alcohol sponsor for a product launch event , and referrals.

One partnership Ruhfus mentioned involved a clothing shop and a dessert bar — the latter reached thousands of potential customers by providing catering for an event at the shop. Collabosaurus makes extensive use of Dropbox Business for internal and external collaboration. That includes the exchange of assets such as photographs between users, making press kits available to the media, making video shot on smartphones available to the right people, and sending documents to service providers such as printers and lawyers.

We are no longer wasting time with inefficient workflows and we are much more effective at what we do and how we do it. Aussie startup offers 'a matchmaking platform for brands' By Stephen Withers on Apr 6, 5: Need help with an event or promotion? Collabosaurus is a Tinder-style app for collaborative marketing. Six new colour lasers coming from Brother.

matchmaking in promotions Matchmaking in promotions
matchmaking in promotions Matchmaking in promotions
matchmaking in promotions Matchmaking in promotions
matchmaking in promotions Matchmaking in promotions
matchmaking in promotions Matchmaking in promotions

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