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Back to top Home News U. Hungarian girls are either nuts or bitches and none of these are welcome in my life. I do not date single moms. The girls left can be still fat or simply ugly and believe me, I tried it twice to go for an unatractive chick just because I felt guilt for not being attracted to such a loving, clever, cute and devotely sucking girl but it always ended up in a kind of catastroph.

My dislike went into repulsion and disgust which they simply did not deserve at all so I ended up with an even bigger guilt. On the girls that are left in the pot are mostly dumb as hell, honestly. You cannot imagine how stupid and rediculous these girls here can be. And if they are not dumb there is an abysmal chance that they held more dicks in their mouth than lollipops.

If I fall into such a trap there can be no return later on so I have to be careful. On the other hand if you just fuck around you can keep all your chances, choices, options in your own hand. I pefer also hookers who tend to have real perfect bodies, are yet even more clean from STDs than Hungarian chicks and finally I can get in the bed what I want, what I pay for. In case of a simple Hungarian girl you will never! That is the horrible truth. They simply use you, your money, their pussies in their favor. And let me finish with an odd statement. Hungarian chicks are just self-entitled so if i ever plan to get merried, I will chose a foreign chick from the eastern countries where they are more feminine, humble, submissive and slim.


I am absolutely happy if all Hungarian women simply stand up and move away. Anywhere, if it makes them happy. For us there is an inexhaustible resupply of women who just want to get a cis-white-European male husband and become an old fashioned, quiet, caring, traditional wife.

Is there too a plenty of cis-white-educated-property owning males who want to share the half of their wealth with a potentially obese, narcissistic, arrogant, feminist, entitled woman? A better question would be how many foreign women out there who would be willing to married potentially obese, narcissistic, arrogant, misogynist entitled man and less likely to live longer? Or perhaps some people here might be happier if the future of hungarians will be paternal genetically replaced by foreign material?

Sure why not? The supply is endless. Perhaps you should convinced the govt to just let them in? I actually agree with you, the supply is endless. However there is a major difference: women tend to be extremely picky. They only accept switching up which can be meant for the power, wealth, skin color, location,etc. Men on the other side simply prefer youth and beauty. So the question can be translated this way: which of the following provides bigger supplies, what women desire all around the world OR what men desire and is kept regenerated all the time: new young women? Also it worth asking which of the following tends to vanish with bigger chance and as time goes by: beauty or welth?

So whatever you consider on yourself desirable it will be gone for sure but me? As I am getting older I just get more wealth, more power, better position, more experience,etc. But let me repond to your suggestion about the migrants. Our women are afraid of them like hell. I know that Western Eurpoe tends to replace their population just because they simply have no other options.

I mean wealth and status might be what women seek and youth and beauty might be what men seek. But over and over again time have shows if the youth and beauty can easily be replaced then why is it not possible for wealth and status to be usurped? A better question would be. There are 6 infant boys born to every 4 infant girls. Yet studies show the numbers of men who managed to pass on to their genes are lower than those who able to conceived and not counting those who managed to survive past s years old. In short the supply of young men is more higher than the supply of older more experience gentlemen.

But from your description I can see you are abhor the sexual agency practised by hungarian women or maybe young women in general. Sorry, just read this hilarious comment. Clear now? However I, as an engeneer, have the ability to reacreate whatever made me wealthy once. I can repeat it from time to time. And be honest, who tends nowadays to switch more: men do switch their old wives to younger once OR women, as time goes by switch their husbands to wealthier ones?

You know, the cock-caroussel works up until you reach There is a biiiig plenty of guys… who you would never suck off for any money, yes.

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Simply it is a fact that from women point of view as a white, able, cis man with 2 degrees man, I am more desirable that the vast majority of these illiterate bunch of men. These women are also geting older. Also once they are in a much more convenient lifestyle, trying to fuck around is becoming extremely risky if I get swooped I get divorced, if she gets swooped she loses all that she gained with having me… especially the future outlooks for raising children in good financial circumstances. The contrary happens to me however. Women are aware of that. That is if you actually managed to live past middle aged.

You hardly provided any. Want me to look up articles on this? We are ruining her business now…. I kinda wondered if all the women in their 40s with young toyboy in their 20s is just a figment of my imagination. So men switch their old wives to younger or younger women switch their old husbands to younger toyboy? You know no saggy ball and eveything? Thank you bababa. Although I must say hungarian women did not go for foreigner cuz of money. But according to our old wise man named Skull the only reason women should go for men is because of wealth and properties.


And he will complaing about bitches while acting like a whiny bitch himself. Fortunately, I found a great Magyar man, who is hot, sweet, kind and funny.

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Someone worth pampering instead of a picky, misogynistic complainer. Get bent. I am really glad that you would choose celibacy. It is for the sake of all of us. Please, cite it. And actually this is not surprising at all. Equal terms are just not for your type but hey-ho. I read your comment snd you know what?

I live in Tehran and the situation is the same. If you are a girl a heterosexual one as per your response , how come that what I told is the same at your end? I can hardly even imagine it…. Also could not really comprehend your final conclusion either. For me, a Central-Eurpean white male eastern girls seem much like what we desire: humble, respectful, quiet, slim, feminine women that are not spoiled by the western life, nor even infected by the 3rd wave feminism. I believe you understand what I mean under the these. What do you actually consider east enough?

Chinese men? Japanese men are Chinese men squared with much smaller libido. Indonesia, India, Thailand? What I learned from the girl reactions as a general is that women tend to hate all men that are just simply available for them by nature. Hungarian girls look down on hungarian men, Persian girls on Persian men, Japanese girls on Japanese men, there is nothing new in it. Maybe you are also just led by your anger towards you own kind and by your learned stereotypes. On the other hand what I told you are all proven, unfortunately. And I did not come here to complain and bitch as I am totally adapted to my situation.

I just gave my reasons why I will most probably never marry anyone.

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But I am still happy for them if they feel happy this way. Why not corroborating with some data or facts instead? Oh, there are maybe none. And of course who made the article? A Hungarian girl who of course requested for some justification for her own kind. And who did she ask? Definitely the circle who has undeniable intentions to put their dicks into the mouth of Hungarian women so it does not cost them too much to signal their virtue.

This is just predictably pathetic or pathetically predictable? I do not even understand why do you want to keep these tasks and your roles within so overrated. Anyway I massively support all your plans to get husband or whatever from any place in the world. Sure I believe you do not have a problem with performing chores yourself that is ….. If you want them you can go down lol! As I said I am happy with whatever you go for, miss. Gravity already pulls down my balls, so does for everyone else.

In fact it has no effect on my impregnating abilities. On the other hand hanging boobs are never the sign of desirability, that was my point. It did. Well why not? Someone needs to breed eventually. Sooner or later. Since if you claim to speak on behalf of hungarian men.

Then why is it the govt are so reluctant to allow the immigrants in? Neither low hanging balls. I guess that explains why the need to pay a hooker to accompany you. Thanks for the appreciation though. This would lead us deep into politics. Identity and demographic too. He does what he finds useful from a more holistic perspective. If they find 3rd world illiterate men import the best for the society and replace my kind, he would definitely go for it, I have doubts. For some reasons he clearly does find it that coll as you suggested.

Though I agree with you: the government should be more proactive on this matter. Women tend to be much more opportunistic and servile so they will agree whatever will be let through the border. Regarding the hanging balls topic are you saying that you find desirable the floating balls? Also I am not in a must to pay for a hooker. I pay them because I chose them. There is a slight difference. Less complication, more joy, less fuss, much-much more beauty and surprisingly cleaner girls compared to the lineup on tinder.

Would you prefer a floating boobs instead? Sebhai , Skoll since weeks I am approving your comments under this post. Since you both live in Budapest or at least I assume you both live here I demand you both meet it does not need to be a date! After meeting, please write a long comment on how did it go.

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Thsnk you SQ. I actually lives in Malaysia now. I curious to see how much he is willing to pay to come over in eastern country. TBH it is hard to follow the conversation on multiple threads. There is nothing new about it. Regarding the prior comment I have no idea what you meant. I was exactly saying that for me, as a man, there is a continuously regenerated supply of young, beautiful women and this is what I desire.

On the other side look at what you, women desire? Money, wealth, looks, properties,etc.

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Do you see now? This also makes me think that your question about how much would it worth for me to have sex with you is also misunderstood. I meant that amount for a single night, I would never want anything else from you, specifically. However I see a big business potential to bring nice, pretty, young and poor girls form Asia here in big masses. How much would I pay for them? This is a more complex question and of course t is not about prostitution like in your case would be but about getting a real wife candidate.

Seeing the entitled, obese, narcissist women here all over Europe there is a big demand on such girls. Even the less desirable, old, fat women tend to rather be afraid of them. I hope I clarified you all the questions and hopefully we can cease the conversation. I believe SQ that it is getting frustrating for her. And your facts and data are?

Which articles? Not really For a man complaining about narcisstic obese arrogant woman or goldigging or hookers. You do seem attracted to them lot. With the exception of maybe Russia. I wonder how many of them would even willing to come to Hungary. I mean heck even Romanian men are preferable to hungarians. While I would wonder how many of these girls would be able to distinguish the Italian Latin lover from an imperialist British lord or delicate taste French man. Link something at least. Where did I describe myself with similar attributes?

Women are golddiggers by nature. I am not complaining, I am learning and using it. I can hardly understand you for now…. Facts and data on what? IQ levels?

dating hungarian women Dating hungarian women
dating hungarian women Dating hungarian women
dating hungarian women Dating hungarian women
dating hungarian women Dating hungarian women
dating hungarian women Dating hungarian women
dating hungarian women Dating hungarian women

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